Access Control SolutionsAccess control solutions by FDC are custom designed to provide the right combination of access security and customer service to meet your specific needs.  Stemming up from our automatic door roots, FDC specializes in all manner of access systems for both pedestrian security access and vehicular access control.  Our design-build, keyless entry applications follow all safety codes and allow you to control access as you desire.

Should you also need vehicle access security, FDC can design your system to work on the same credential.  Keyless entry is growing in popularity and helps control security by reducing the ability to lose or pass keys to unauthorized persons, creating a record of who enters and exits your facility and providing a much quicker alternative to re-keying when personnel move on.

Access Systems

Since the invention of the automatic sliding door, there has always been the need for something to open it.  Doors need to be programmed to control access, letting some people in while keeping others out.  Regardless of your needs, FDC can design card access or other security solutions for you.  Inner office doors with magnetic locks or electric strikes can be linked up to access control solutions such as keypads, card readers, proximity access systems, push buttons, barcode scanners or other access systems.

Turnstiles can be fitted with the same access systems as automatic doors and are another great form of access security for perimeter fences and large campuses.  Many municipalities and government facilities utilize turnstiles to control access with crowds.  Employee badges can have barcodes printed on them for barcode access or contain magnetic stripes for swipe access, keeping those without the credential off the campus altogether.

Access Security Solutions

Access systems are great security solutions.  For over 30 years FDC has specialized in access security through automated doors, automated gates, and access systems.  For vehicular access security, our StrongWeld slide gates are among the best in the industry and used throughout the state at various government facilities due to their reputation for reliability.  These automatic gates can be programmed for remote access via transmitters, telephone entry systems, RFID readers, barcode readers, keypads, or various other security solutions.

Pedestrian Access Security Solutions:
• Proximity (touchless) access systems
• Biometric access systems
• Magnetic stripe (swipe) access control
• Barcode access systems (barcode readers)
• Employee badging
• Security solutions software

Popular Vehicle Access Security Solutions:
• Barcode access systems – barcode readers & scanners
• Telephone entry systems
• RFID readers and transmitters
• Access security & CCTV
• Security solutions software

Branch offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Melbourne allow FDC to service the state from Coast to Coast.  Call (toll free in Florida) 800-321-6487 for a free quote from an access security solutions specialist today!