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FDC is an installer of ADA doors all over the state of Florida.  From offices in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville, FDC can install ada door openers in your office or commercial business to get you ADA compliant in no time.

GT-710 ADA Operators

When it comes to durability and reliability for ADA doors, nothing beats Nabco GT-710 low energy ADA operators.  GT 710 ADA operators operate in both automatic and manual modes. These ADA door openers feature a 2-60 second hold-open range and a “push-n-go” feature.  GT 710 ADA operators have a hydraulic backcheck that protects both the door and the ADA operators from damage when forced open in windy conditions or when manually operated. In manual mode, the system closes slowly upon release to enable passage. The GT 710, with its hydraulic closer, offers the flexibility to adjust the closing pressure as needed for specific site conditions. GT 710 ADA operators are now approved for use on fire door assemblies rated up to 3 hours.

FDC4233 ADA Operators

The FDC4233 ADA low energy handicapped door ADA operators and wireless push button package is an ADA handicapped door opening system that will get you ADA compliant in no time.  The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires public entrances to have handicap ADA door operators in place to help disabled patrons.  Both new buildings and alterations to existing structures need to comply to ADA standards.  With this ADA doors package, ADA compliance is made easy.

These ADA operators are made for easy installation on all commercial applications such as perimeter exterior doors, interior doors & rest room doors in all public places such as medical facilities, labs, office buildings, public rest rooms, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses and more.  This ADA doors package has everything you need to make facilities more accessible and comfortable for disabled patrons by creating low energy, automatic doors.

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