Airports in Florida are bustling with traveling executives and vacationing families alike, and parking can be scarce.  Demand for airport parking spaces is high, and competition is fierce.  But your aviation facility can stand out amongst the competition if you offer the convenience and service that others may lack.  FDC can help, offering a wide range of parking revenue parking equipment and access control solutions to the aviation industry and Florida airports.

How does the aviation industry make the most out of the space it has and avoid having spaces go unused?  FDC installed Parking Guidance Systems parking equipment can show visitors the exact number of parking spots available at each section of your parking garage or facility.  Sensors in parking spots feed data to green arrows throughout the facility directing traffic to open spaces, saving visitors the time and hassle of searching high and low for a space they can squeeze into, and saving facility owners the higher costs of congested lanes, unused spaces, and excessive vehicle emissions heating the place up.

FDC offers Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and license plate identification applications that can help identify, control and account for specific vehicles within your facility.  Our LPR (License Plate Recognition) System provides multiple revenue control and security solutions by extracting plate numbers, characters & images.  This technique can be used to reduce ticket fraud, calculate parking time, calculate fees for lost tickets, control access in secured areas, and provide license plate data to law enforcement if needed.

Have a problem with employees using customer parking spaces?  Garage nesting options are available to keep track of where vehicles go within your garage and can alert you if a vehicle does go to its intended destination.

Valet integration and valet parking equipment systems also available.

Pedestrian control is another specialty of FDC.  Automatic sliding doors and revolving doors are available as well as crowd control turnstiles and e-gates.

FDC Airport Access & Aviation Industry Parking Solutions
• Increase revenues
• Control traffic flow
• Monthly or weekly parking
• Parking Vouchers
• Garage nesting
• Integrated valet
• Parking guidance systems
• License plate inventory
• License plate recognition