FDC offers a full line of support to architects and engineers with projects throughout the state of Florida.  FDC works hand in hand with developers, architects, engineers and contractors to turn proposed improvements into fully functional facilities loaded with access control and security options of any size.

Our in-house engineering team carefully plans out and designs systems in CAD to give the customer (developer or property owner) a good look at the fully integrated system’s requirements ahead of time.  We are able to take architect’s CAD drawings or specs and add our access and security systems in place, working hand-in-hand with the architect.  We are also available to help architects spec out the proper equipment to meet the needs of the client.  Architects specification sheets are available upon request.

Our access control and parking revenue consultants are available to help select the right equipment for jobs of any size, meeting security and budgetary needs.  Vehicle control devices as well as crash barriers, card access and remote monitoring are all part of our arsenal.

FDC consultants design/build entire access systems from the ground up.  Depending on the needs and size of the client, FDC will supply the right hardware for the right locations and tie it all together with the best software solution to manage the entire system.  Working with existing blue prints or creating CAD drawings from scratch, we can place access control readers in pivotal locations, place cameras to monitor all sensitive areas, program an access control system to capture and record all necessary data, and tie it all back to a control room to be stored on digital recording devices or transferred across the internet.

Our complete access control solutions systems are widely used by large residential condominium and apartment buildings in Miami, large corporations in Jacksonville, sporting complexes in Tampa and military installations in Orlando and beyond.

• Access Control Systems / Software & Hardware
• Door Automation & ADA Compliance
• Gate Automation & Vehicle Barriers
• Parking Revenue Systems & Equipment
• Surveillance Cameras & CCTV