What is AVI

In the parking industry, AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) means being able to automatically identify a vehicle when it enters a parking facility, so it can be authorized and permitted to enter and exit. Using an advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, the system is able to identify a vehicle as it approaches the gate, allowing the parking system to authorize entry and open the gate, without the driver ever having to stop or open their window. This not only improves traffic flow in peak periods, but also provides the customer with a safe, convenient way to enter the garage.

Why use AVI

For the parking professional, the monthly account often represents a significant percentage of the total parking revenues. Providing monthly customers with a fast and convenient way to access the garage helps increase occupancy levels and ensures customer loyalty. The customer won’t have to spend time taking tickets or stopping at a booth; they simply drive in. The AVI system takes care of the rest. For the operator, AVI saves time and money and allows them to concentrate on running their daily business operation. The system contains no moving parts, so maintenance costs are reduced and overall system reliability increases.

The System

This advanced RFID identification system provides fast and reliable access control for all types of parking and vehicle entry applications. The system is easy to install and integrates directly into the Federal APD parking system. A small windshield-mounted Tag, approximately the size of a credit card, fits neatly into a windshield-mounted ID-holder. The Reader is mounted in each lane and identifies the vehicle by reading the ID-Tag while the vehicle is approaching the barrier. This process is fully automated and takes just a fraction of a second. The Tag’s identity is passed to our parking system, which controls the user authorization, anti-pass back control and vends the gate.