The challenge

For years, Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas hesitated to charge for self-parking since the company believed that this action would deter visitors from staying or shopping at their resorts. Today these resorts no longer have sufficient capacity to meet demand, making parking a major customer service issue for Caesars. Consequently, to ensure that guests would have an improved parking experience, Caesars chose to initiate a state-of-the-art parking management system.

The solution – A centralized command and control PARCS system

With vast experience in delivering advanced integrated parking solutions, TIBA Parking Systems was selected to provide a centralized Parking Access and Revenue Control Solution (PARCS) solution for 8 Caesars properties consisting of: 68 entry & exit lanes, in addition to 24 hotel lobby payment kiosks. At the core of the solution, is SmartPark Command; TIBA’s control-room ready PARCS solution from which service personnel can remote manage and control guest service situations in any of Caesars’ parking locations.

For Caesars, SmartPark Command fused TIBA’s innovative centralized PARCS solution together with two-way audio, CCTV and License Plate Recognition (LPR) into one holistic operational view for fast triaging of parking service situations.

The new SmartPark Command system includes:

Business results:

New revenue for Caesars Entertainment, better utilization of company parking assets, lower operational costs per facility and a more positive experience for guests, visitors and employees.