Car Park Services

FDC provides a wide array of car park services to businesses in downtown Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, and other high traffic metropolitan areas around the state of Florida.  As TIBA’s Authorized Dealer for the state of Florida, our car parking installations can be found at airports, hotels, retail centers, hospitals, valet car park yards, and many other applications.

Car Park Revenue

Since many of our clients require systems to be up and running at all hours, FDC provides 24/7 Emergency Service for car park revenue systems.  This allows car parking businesses and facilities to minimize the time they are down and maximize the revenue they collect daily.

Car Parking Systems

The list of car parking systems FDC works on is extensive.  Working with such manufacturers as TIBA, HySecurity, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Magnetic, and many others, we have lots of experience with different types of equipment and software platforms.

For brand new installations, our TIBA car parking systems include TIBA SmartPark software, TIBA parking barrier gates, TIBA parking lane pay stations, TIBA parking pay stations, TIBA Parking Ticket Dispenser & Exit Verifier, and more.

While a lot of our car park services are dedicated to revenue car parking systems, we are not limited to revenue collecting systems.  Many of our car parking applications are residential garages in areas like Miami, FL where multi-story residential builings require multi-level car parking garages for residents’ vehicles.

FDC repair or modify existing gate systems, including boom gates, tilt gates, and more.