Building Access

Many commercial businesses and government facilities throughout Florida rely on FDC access systems for their building access needs.  Whether it is a city hall in Jacksonville, a government contractor in Miami, an airport in Tampa, or a theme park in Orlando, FDC access systems can be custom built to suit the needs of the customer.

Card Access

Card access systems come in a variety of forms these days.  While many are familiar with magnetic stripe (or swipe card readers), the card access industry is moving more toward touchless systems.  Touchless key cards, or proximity cards, don’t require the access card to make physical contact with the card reader.  This means less wear and tear on both card readers and the access cards themselves.

Proximity cards don’t need replacing as frequently as the old magnetic stripe cards used in swipe card readers.

Browse some of our card access systems online to learn a little more or request a quote to have a building access consultant visit you and inform you of all your building access options.

Barcode Readers

Many building access systems rely on employee badging with scannable barcodes to grant access via barcode readers.  FDC is also an installer of BAI barcode readers and badging systems.  Contact an FDC building access consultant today for more details or browse some of our barcode systems online.

Building Access systems installed and maintained by FDC
• card access – mag stripe, proximity cards
• barcode systems – barcode readers, employee badging
• keypads – electric strike and magnetic lock doors
• TES – telephone entry systems
• Push to Exit – push buttons


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