This Cash Terminal is a secure device which allows you to program through its sophisticated technology almost unlimited variations on your fee structure, while still allowing you to easily monitor your accounts.

Extremely user friendly, the Cash Terminal features 16 programmable keys and offers the capability of programming 99 additional validations. While smaller operations may have it serve as a stand alone unit, larger facilities can control up to 64 machines throughout the parking network.

Logging on requires signing in with a Pin-code or Cashier Card. Value and Time slot reports, shift reports and Z-reports can all be printed using the internal printing system. Password protection assures security for managers monitoring the reports.


Cash TerminalThe CT-20 point of sale terminal can be used in all cashier applications including, exit pay, central pay and valet. The unit will operate in a “stand-alone” or “online” mode with TIBA’s Smartpark management software. The compact modular design works well in tight spaces like valet podiums, cashier booths and kiosks. The unit has an integrated credit card reader, barcode scanner, cash drawer and remote fee display. The CT-20 will process tickets quickly with a minimum amount of keystrokes. The unit will recognize validated tickets automatically and can be manually keyed in as well. The CT-20 is not only a fee computer but a fully functioning lane controller that supports a card reader and an AVI reader, as well as all audit lane count functions and occupancy counts when connected to Smartpark facility management software. Many other competing companies require additional costly hardware like lane controllers and card readers.
The CT-20 tracks multiple cashiers using a sign-on/sign-off tour of duty function. Each cashier will receive a printed summary of their revenue and transactions when they sign off. The facility manager can run an end-of-day report summarizing all activity by cashier and daily totals. When the system is online to our Smartpark facility management software, all of this information is duplicated on the server and available for report functions.
• Backlit LCD display • Heavy duty receipt printer • Built-in credit card reader • Barcode scanner and cradle • Cash drawer • Remote fee display • 18 dedicated validation keys • 99 additional validation accounts • Rugged steel construction • Cashiers management; Login by password or magnetic stripe card • Restarts in 4 seconds after power failure • Controls up to 4 lanes
• Management software connection • TIB@PAY PCI Compliant PA-DSS Credit card server connection • LPR Integration


CT-20 Data Sheet PDF