TIBA Entry StationTIBA’s modularly designed MP-30 Entry Station features the latest and most advanced technologies including an option for bar code scanner for prepaid reservation confirmations, and a proximity reader for monthly parker pass card. A magnetic card reader is available for hotel guests and value card payments.

The entry station’s TFT Color hi-res display is fully customizable for communicating clear guidance information to users.

Connection with TIBA’s facility management software is flexible to accommodate future technological developments.

The MP-30’s interior device is mounted on sturdy sliding tracks, gliding open with just a pull, allowing for ultra-convenient maintenance. The unit can dispense up to 5,000 tickets and new consumables are easily reloaded.

The MP-30’s modular design and intelligent engineering make it the industry’s fastest and most reliable ticket issuing device. This user friendly device issues tickets and accommodates monthly cardholders with a TFT display and intercom for communication with patrons. TIBA’s logical design allows for the addition of AVI, hotel room key and barcode readers without costly up-charges or additional devices in the lane.

TIBA’s designers succeeded to create a simple and reliable design. The unit consists of an off-the-shelf ticket printing/transport device, power supply, main board, I/O board and display. When changing ticket stock, the interior of the unit conveniently slides out for easy access. Changing the ticket paper is as easy as changing the paper in your office printer – if not easier. Additionally all TIBA products have on-board communications isolators.

Entry Station, MP-30

• Heavy duty thermal printer with ticket retraction • Proximity reader for monthly parkers • TFT display • Built in intercom
• Communications line surge protector • Stainless steel construction
• Analog, digital or VOIP intercom optional • Magnetic card reader for hotel guests, value cards and credit card users • QR barcode scanner for reservations and pre-paid parking


MP-30 Data Sheet PDF