Event venues and convention centers bring in huge amounts of people wanting to spend.  FDC’s cashless payment kiosks and pay stations help reduce the amount of waiting and employee overhead associated with cash collecting event parking.

FDC’s Event Parking Solutions allow you to accept several forms of payment including cash, credit card, pre-paid & seasonal parking passes, ticketing agency credentials, and VIPs.

Mixed-use parking sites often have difficulty controlling traffic and revenue flow during large events.  A mixture of event visitors with transient parking can make for confusion and chaos, unless you’ve got event management systems in place.  So just how do you keep gates down and still allow for pre-paid passes, credit cards and VIPs?

FDC’s wireless solutions provide you the flexibility to treat event parkers differently than transient and monthly parkers.  Transient parkers won’t be able to wait for events to skip out on fees and event parkers won’t be able to arrive early to get transient rates.  Wireless solutions also avoid using crowded cellular networks, voiding permits they instant they’re used and eliminating counterfeiting and pass-backs.  Increase and protect your parking revenue!

Ticketing agencies such as ticket master now sell venue parking along with concert or sporting event tickets for added convenience and peace-of-mind.  These parking passes can come printed with your tickets, print-at-home from a desktop printer or can even be smart-phone based.  Automated pre-paid pass lanes create a quick and easy route for those with proper credentials (from ticketing agencies, season pass holders, day passes & VIP passes).

Make Reservations Online
Through the use of ZipPark, your patrons will be able to conveniently make parking arrangements in advance of arrival, making the entire experience worry-free.

Real-Time Management
Wireless mobile computers provide real-time controls, on-demand ticket issuance and live credit card processing.

Easy to Use
By taking cash payments with one click, credit cards with one swipe or permits with a single barcode scan, you can train your employees in minutes.  Software supports all major credit card processing platforms.

Flexible & Responsive
Allows operations to respond to rushes and instantly add more attendants exactly where they are needed. The system also offers the ability to price different rates at different facilities and accepts cash, credit or pre-paid permits.

FDC Parking Solutions Benefits
• Complete Revenue Control
• Shortens Ingress Times
• Ticket Control Line-busting
• Instant Credit Card Authorizations
• Accepts pre-paid permits
• Real-time Information