Element Facility Management Software

Today, operational excellence starts with software. Hardware is certainly vital to your parking enterprise, yet it does not possess the power to drive your business toward top tier performance and lasting operational excellence. So what will be the most critical element for future success? We believe it’s a smarter, more data-driven software platform.

We put more into Element, so you can get more out of it.
Element’s software platform coalesces years of acquired systems expertise gleaned from thousands of installed customer sites and exacting real-world environments into the very best in modern software architecture. At once, you’ll see that your user experience is specifically designed to turn raw data into useful, accessible information. Plus, Element features an open, interoperable, and scalable platform. So you can easily use solutions from a variety of providers – and gain maximum flexibility in creating business rules that fit your operational design.

Enjoy the flexibility to manage your current systems on your own terms.
Element is a bold step forward in operational management – but it’s only our first step. As we build more software modules, hardware options and third party interfaces onto the platform, you can be sure they’ll exhibit the same focused attention to delivering real world value that’s elementally different.

•Interoperable platform Scalable to any size operation
•Flexibility through open XML interface
•Secured interprocess communications
•Stable .NET environment Hosted services capability
•Accessible from anywhere, anytime, anyplace
•High reliability through configurable load distribution
•PA/DSS Certification (pending)
•MS SQL ODBC Database
•Backwards compatible to legacy lane equipment

Cloud Technology
The Element platform and remote hosting capabilities support cloud computing, allowing you to access your data anywhere at any time and create a central point of control.

Standardized Platform

Element uses the industry standard TCP/IP protocol for ALL interprocess communication.

Open and Flexible Structure
Element will allow access and licensing to all service API’s within Element to 3rd party developers. Customers and 3rd party developers will continue to expand Element through the development of applications.

The Element platform is fully scalable to the size of your operation by allowing you to deploy any combination of modules upon one to many servers. This means that critical services such as credit card may be hosted on a separate server, fully isolated from the main network.

Modular Architecture
The Element platform’s modular architecture facilitates integration, isolates services in a modular for- mat and further simplifies development and upgrades. Because of it’s modular architecture, additional Element modules can be developed without modifying the foundation platform code. This feature promotes system stability and long term reliability.


Interoperability promotes the capability for third party hardware (devices) to be recognized by the platform. Additional device modules may be developed and integrated with the platform, facilitating the platform’s interoperable capability.

Standard SQL Database
Element has a standard MS SQL Database Management System with ODBC accessibility. SQL gives you maximum options for open architecture (data sharing among multiple software systems) and scalability, unlike other open-architecture solutions.

Single, Standard Interface

Element uses a standard XML module through which all exposed APIs may be accessed by third party applications. Everything that can be hooked into the platform can do so through the XML module. One place to interface, one standard way of doing it.