Healthcare locations are becoming more and more like municipalities everyday, complete with restaurants, gift shops, and a handful of other attachments.  Different visitors require different parking solutions, from employees to retail visitors and more.  FDC has the parking equipment needed to suite all of their needs.

With the constant influx of visitors and patients, finding parking in such an environment can be a chore.  Not long ago, it was highly impractical and almost impossible to automate such facilities parking, due to various complications that arise.  But in an era where parking needs can be managed via web-based validation programs, printable passes, and a system automated parking equipment and pay stations, what was once a farfetched notion for regulating a healthcare facility’s parking needs, is readily available.

Concurrent to the ever expanding tendencies of healthcare campuses these days, navigation can sometimes be a missing asset of an efficient parking system.  Of course, there will always be signs pointing you in which direction to proceed for the respective destinations, but all too seldom is there real-time information available to let you know if there will be a place for you to park your vehicle.  As is to be expected, a vast majority of the available slots near the most active places on a given campus will be filled to the brim, and inherently this can making finding a parking spot a very daunting task.  But not with our parking guidance systems.  This innovative parking equipment will lead to those empty spots like a trail of breadcrumbs.

Generally speaking, those that work on campus will be told to park in assigned areas, which typically are less coveted spots, leaving the more preferable ones available to visitors.  So, how does one make sure that the structures in place are adhered to?  With the seamless integration of an FDC parking equipment employee nesting solution, you have your answer.  Specific credentials can be programmed to be accepted in specific parking equipment; thusly, should someone deviate from the parameters in place, an alarm is created so that the situation might be addressed according to your healthcare campuses guidelines.

Florida Door Control’s parking solutions systems are fully customizable to meet your respective needs.  Some very commonly utilized parking equipment for this field of business include:

• Employee nesting systems
• Integrated valet systems
• Parking guidance systems
• Multi-facility management parking software