Airport Parking Solutions

Airport Parking

FDC can help, offering a wide range of parking revenue parking equipment and access control solutions to the aviation industry and Florida airports.

University Parking

Parking availability at college campuses is of the utmost importance for students, hence our commitment to innovative University Parking.

Municipal Parking

Municipalities rely on FDC municipal parking solutions to provide city amenities and convenience to citizens, city employees and visitors downtown

Hospitality Parking

FDC valet parking systems and parking equipment can help you increase your revenues, reduce your costs and maximize profits.

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Healthcare Parking

Different visitors require different parking solutions, from employees to retail visitors and more. FDC has the parking equipment needed to suite all of their needs.


Retail Parking

Nesting parking solutions by FDC allow management to assign employee parking spots and monitor them to keep customer parking freed up.

Office Parking

FDC can generate a turn-key parking solution for you utilizing a wide range of parking credentials including RFID tags, barcodes, access cards, & more.

Valet Parking

FDC valet parking systems and automated valet parking equipment can help you increase your revenues, reduce your costs and maximize profits.

Case Studies

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[tblock tag=”h2″ title=”We provide a world-class fabrication, welding and machining service.”]Complete the Parking Puzzle[/tblock]

FDC puts the pieces of the parking puzzle together for you. Our parking consultants can help you design a revenue generating parking facility, explaining how money will be managed and business processes will be communicated. FDC will put the parking equipment in place that tells the system who, what, where, when, why and how. Who is allowed to come and go from the facility, what will be used to identify them, where will they be granted access to, when are they granted access, why do different systems need to be in place, and how will it all work together? Utilizing TIBA’s industry leading equipment, FDC will install a system that runs smoothly and productively for years to come.

But that’s not all.  FDC can also complete the access portion of your buildings, surveillance of your facilities, integration of parking and other access controls, and a whole lot more!  With 24/7 Emergency Service, FDC provides your entire parking and access solution, completing the puzzle and making your life easier.

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[divider customsize=”20″][tblock tag=”h3″ style=”lined” title=”What We Offer”]Comprehensive Access Control Solutions & Revenue Systems[/tblock]
[sblock title=”Access Control Solutions” photo=”735″ urlcaption=”Read More” link=””]• Card access, badging, intercoms, access control software, telephone entry systems, barcode access & more.[/sblock]
[sblock title=”Revenue Parking Systems ” photo=”847″ urlcaption=”Read More” link=””]• Revenue parking equipment, parking management software, vehicle access, 24/7 emergency service, & more.[/sblock]
[sblock title=”Surveillance Ststems & CCTV ” photo=”833″ urlcaption=”Read More” link=””]
• Security/surveillance cameras, cctv, dvrs, 
monitoring rooms & stations, video quality and clarity, & more.[/sblock]
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[sblock type=”alternative” title=”Door Automation ” photo=”832″ urlcaption=”Read More” link=””]• Automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, revolving doors, magnetic locks, ADA door openers & more.[/sblock]
[sblock type=”alternative” title=”Automatic Gates” photo=”835″ urlcaption=”Read More” link=””]• Slide gate operators, swing gates, barrier gates, security gates, tilt gates, grille gates, & more. [/sblock]
[sblock type=”alternative” title=”Turnstile Systems” photo=”843″ urlcaption=”Read More” link=””]• Optical turnstiles, full height, tandem turnstiles, waist-high, speed lanes, pedestrian gates, & more. [/sblock]