TIBA license plate recognition cameraLicense Plate Recognition

Parking operators, critical assets and building management firms have  come to rely on technologically advanced systems, to provide the necessary products and services to their customers.

License plate and vehicle identity recognition play a large role within these systems, as they are a primary and crtical technology, and provide valuable information as to the identity of vehicles entering the facility. This information can be used for billing purposes, identification and access of permit holders, security alerts for problematic vehicles or enforcement violators, as well as other applications as per customer requirements such as:

• Critical Assets
• Airport
• Valet Parking
• Hospitals and Health Clinics
• Corporate Campuses
• Inventory Control

The low-mid speed all-in-one LPR recognition unit is a robust image processing system that captures car plate images and identifies their license numbers. This sophisticated computer-camera-illumination unit, is fully enclosed with its embedded microprocessor and internal software recognition package, and performs all functions of an LPR system.

LPR-30 License Plate Recognition CameraUpon entry to the parking facility, a snapshot of the license plate is taken and printed on the transient ticket that is pulled from the ticket dispenser. From now on, the transient transaction will ‘carry’ the license plate number for all the duration of the parking, until the vehicle has left the lot.

The LPR unit integrates seamlessly into the TIBA-Smartpark management software.
Illegal transactions or violations are flagged immediately on real time in the management software, and will prompt the operator by a quick email with the transaction details.


LPR-30 Data Sheet PDF