city-municipality-parking-solutionsMunicipalities rely on FDC municipal parking solutions to provide city amenities and convenience to citizens, city employees and visitors downtown.  Government budgets are growing smaller and citizens’ needs and expectations are getting bigger.  City governments’ downtown areas need efficient, cost-effective solutions immediately.

That’s where FDC’s municipal parking solutions come in.  Reduce the stress involved in finding a parking space at the courthouse with our T.I.B.A. parking guidance systems help visitors find spots more quickly and conveniently by lighting arrows that point drivers in the direction of available parking.

Employee parking can be assigned and enforced with Automatic Vehicle Identification, or AVI systems.  Tagmaster systems, for example, can read RFID tags up to 26 ft away through windshields or clothing.  They even work in dirty, electrically noisy or metallic environments.  These readers are easily integrate parking equipment with any kind of control system.  FDC can even set up systems for government ID card integration.

More Municipal Parking Solutions

License Plate Recognition, or LPR Systems, can grant specific vehicles access to secured areas by license plate number while restricting access for other vehicles.  Not only that, but they can also help automate the calculation of parking time, lost ticket fees and can even help reduce ticket fraud or identify vehicles involved in crimes to law enforcement agencies.

FDC Barcode systems scan barcode labels or stickers on vehicles to activate access control systems and grant them access.  Our dual beam systems can read vehicle decals up to 25 mph and up to 6 ft away.  Glare and radio interference are a non-issue with a barcode system, and new decals are inexpensive.

Mutli-space parking equipment such as pay stations and parking meters are a great source of increased revenue, reduced operational costs and superior customer service.  Convenient, flexible parking solutions for on- or off-street.  FDC installs pay and display parking meters and more.

FDC’s StrongWeld gates are the industry standard for municipal security gates, both pedestrian and automatic sliding gates for vehcile traffic.  Many utilities companies throughout Florida rely on StrongWeld security gates and FDC service.

Municipal Parking Solutions include:
• Parking guidance
• License plate recognition
• Surveillance and security cameras
• SrongWeld tilt gates & sliding gates

FDC Municipal Parking Solutions are available in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami / Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida.