Community Pool Gates

Swimming pools are meant for fun and recreation during the hot summer months, an escape from the heat!  However, some gated communities have problems with trespassers going into pool areas.  FDC gates are among the most trusted and most versatile community pool gates in the state of Florida.  Community swimming pools in gated communities, apartment complexes, condos and other locations rely on the solid combination of StrongWeld community pool gates and the SecuraSwing hydraulic pedestrian gate closer to keep those who aren’t permitted out of pool areas and for all their swimming pool access needs.

SecuraSwing Gate Closers

Pools can be dangerous if left unattended.  You want to be sure gates will close behind visitors as they leave the pool area.  The SecuraSwing hydraulic gate closer takes that worry away by offering you “The Perfect Close” – soft, quiet and secure.

The SecuraSwing is the ultimate gate closing device for community pool gates. The SecuraSwing is a fully concealed, commercial grade, hydraulic closing device located in the gate leaf.  Gate closes softly and securely every time.  Two stage closing adjustment allows for independent sweep and latch check speed adjustment.  Device spring is sized to match gate width and weight.  Check out more information on the SecuraSwing hydraulic pedestrian gate closer here.

Swimming Pool Access Control

Proper swimming pool access controls can be set up to get into pool areas.  Card access is a perfect solution for swimming pool access.  Proximity cards or badges can be a requirement to get through the pool gates, so that strangers or unattended children can’t get in.  FDC offers a wide array of swimming pool access control solutions to protect your pool from trespassers.

Increase pool secuirty with:
• StrongWeld community pool gates
• SecuraSwing hydraulic pedestrian gate closers
• Pool fencing
• Swimming pool access controls

Branch offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Melbourne allow FDC to service the state from Coast to Coast.  Ft. Myers to Gainesville, The Florida Keys to West Palm Beach to Tallahassee, FDC is the community pool gates installer for you!