ScanNetTM is Federal APD’s integrated central management system to control and monitor parking and ground transportation facilities and parking equipment.

ScanNetTM offers central management solutions for installations of all sizes, from modest surface lots to city-wide operations. Parking, access, and revenue controls are bundled together as one seamless enterprise program. Standard or custom reports provide comprehensive financial tracking and activity audits.

Integrated System
The new technology designed into ScanNet’sTM architecture challenges traditional thinking for central management systems. Parking, access, and revenue controls are no longer separated in different modules – but are bundled together as one seamless enterprise system. Information generated from all the devices in the system, from barrier gates to fee computers, is accessible throughout ScanNetTM.

Parking & Count Control
ScanNetTM makes it easy to set-up and monitor all access and revenue control equipment. The Event Control System defines the variables for each lane controller in the system and controls the device’s tasks – such as monitoring transient and monthly parkers, raising a gate arm, automatically triggering a full sign, or activating a variable message sign while storing all the information in the database for real-time and statistical reporting. Automated count control, integrated with automated revenue control, eliminates the need to manually read counters in lane equipment, and enables the owner/operator to more precisely control the facility.

Access Control
The Access Control System (ACS) enables you to set up Credentials that will allow patrons and vehicles to enter and exit a facility. A Credential is an instrument, such as an access card or an AVI tag, that uniquely identifies the patron. When a Credential is set up, the system automatically places the ID information in all associated Passport Plus, ValuePass, and ValueCard Readers (or other third party devices). The Access Control System allows you to associate the Credential with a patron and/or a vehicle – allowing you to assign each to an account for billing and tracking purposes.

Revenue Control
ScanNetTM provides simple-to-use tools to manage your revenues from a central location. Pull-down menus show remote programming and monitoring of transactions from your revenue control devices. Fee tables, rate structures – and other features can be designed and implemented for your application. ScanNetTM provides a complete accounting of all activities in your parking network. The system provides many detailed transaction reports that may be integrated with third-party accounting systems. Using Crystal Reports Writer, you can change, modify, and customize standard reports. Information can be exported to a number of different programs, including office, accounting and reporting packages.