security-gatesFlorida’s most trusted security gates, FDC StrongWeld automatic sliding gates.  An industry standard for over 30 years, these gates are built with high-quality materials and are automated with the right electric gate operator for the job.

Automatic Security Gates

FDC StrongWeld security gates are available in a variety of sizes (typically up to 40 feet in length).  These automatic sliding gates consist of an aluminum frame and aluminized chain-link fabric, making them lightweight, secure, and durable.  FDC StrongWeld gates are built to last in any environment.

Electric Gate Operators

FDC StrongWeld security gates roll across a V-Track, keeping them in line minimizing wear-and-tear on your electric gate operator.  Depending on the amount of traffic you receive and other environmental factors, it is very important to pick out the proper electric gate operator to suit your needs.  Your operator is built to maintain a certain amount of cycles per day, and pull a certain weight.  Straying from these specifications can greatly reduce your operator’s lifespan.

Automatic sliding gates services include:
• Automatic sliding gates installation
• Electric gate operator repair and service
• Access control solutions integration
• Maintenance plans