Mr. Glenn Harpold, Vice President

Dear Glenn,

On behalf of the Kissimmee Bay Homeowners Association, I wanted to personally thank you and your entire team for the outstanding job in restoring our entire four gate entry system here at Kissimmee Bay. It is rare to find such a dedicated – professional group of individuals that work tirelessly as a team in the performance of their duties.

The demolition and removal of our worn out operators and concrete support slabs were amazing. Utilizing a multi-ton track jack hammer your crew, like brain surgeons, carefully kept in tack the multitude of PVC conduits, which supply the operators both power and multiple signal feeds. The PVC conduits were then extended into the formed area for the new concrete pedestals, then carefully poured with 4,000 psi concrete and finished. After waiting for 7-days to allow for proper curing, the new operators – Chamberlain ELITE CSW 200UL Commercial Swing Gate Operators – were installed in the exact area utilizing expansion bolts to allow for gate opening behind the concrete road curb. This was very important as many large vehicles and trailers enter our community every day.

The steel supporting posts were straightened and new ball bearing hinges with grease fittings were fabricated at your shop and welded into place. Each gate was taken down and placed on a rack. The new hinge halves and any defective gate welds or damaged areas were MIG welded and painted. The new Invisi-guard -thru Beam Photo Eye optical systems were installed at each gate as a safety feature to prevent early gate closure. All new LOOPS were installed at each gate, which detects vehicles approaching or leaving the gate area.

Your installation team lead by Jeffrey Young, installation specialist and team leader, Jordan Harpold and Cole Cole were amazing. Additionally, your technicians Tom Camp and Mario Muller were able to trouble shoot some existing site conditions and come up with appropriate solutions as work arounds to solve our problems.

From initial consultation to bid receipt to final meeting before initiating the project, every question was answered precisely. The icing on the cake was your 5-year Platinum Service Agreement including all parts and labor allowing the Association to accurately budget our future service costs. Your installation price and Service Agreement were tops in a field of four established bidders.

Just a final note here to say how happy we are with the installation and with everyone associated with FDC that was on our job site or served in a supporting role at your shop and offices.

With My Warmest Regards,

Jeffrey K. Portman
Infrastructure Committee Chairman
Kissimmee Bay Homeowners Association