Versatility for parking
In the lane or in the lobby, the Universal One is a patron service-friendly kiosk that delivers efficient performance in a wide  range of parking applications.

Ticket dispenser or exit verifier
The Universal One can be configured to dispense or verify magstripe tickets in entry or exit lanes. The kiosk is optimized for a wide range of vehicle heights, while the easy-to-read display and membrane pushbutton ensure quick, easy and reliable transient processing.  Automated ticketing (when a vehicle is present) remains a configuration option, eliminating the need for the patron to  “Press for Ticket”.  The thermal printer – which is built into the transport – can be configured to print promotional messages and/or redundant time and date, while the magnetic head reads and writes the magstripe. And the Universal One offers the tightest lane logic on the market, reducing the potential for ticket or tailgating fraud and maintaining the highest integrity in the revenue stream.  In addition, the kiosk can be configured to support peripheral access control readers – whether mounted near the ticket throat or on a separate stand – for monthly patrons.

Cashless payment kiosk
The Universal One can also be configured as a credit card-only pay station. It offers comfortable ergonomics for patrons using the kiosk whether on foot or in a vehicle. And, in addition to traditional payment applications, the configuration options allow it to function in Credit In, Credit Out (CICO) or Pre-Pay modes.  With this flexibility, the Universal One can provide efficient cashless payment processing in the entry lane, the exit lane or the lobby.

Reduced cost of ownership
In any role, the Universal One minimizes the maintenance effort required to keep your system running reliably.  Its burster design reduces the time between maintenance visits by pulling from two ticket stacks (a configurable option), which allows it to process up to 10,000 tickets between refills. The burster also creates less dust when compared with cutting designs, reducing one of the key problems in transport maintenance.  When maintenance is required, the Universal One is designed with a side door to keep technicians out of the lane, clear sight lines to all indicators, easy access to commonly-handled components and internal lighting to assist technicians in poorly-lit areas.  And if the Universal One is damaged, it is designed to allow replacement of key components or external cladding without scrapping the entire device.

The best of both worlds
The Universal One can be configured and its reports can be pulled from ScanNet™ facility management software. But if the communications network is unavailable, all functionality and configuration can be managed internally, keeping your system (and revenues) flowing.

• Configurable remotely over network from ScanNet™
• Configurable locally from PowerPad4 terminal
• Configuration options:
• Patron display messages
• Programmable outputs
• Reports
• Receipts
• Networkable via (optional configurations):
• RS-485 serial loop
• Ethernet
• Fully functional when online or offline
• Buffers up to 1900 credit card and 7700 cash transactions
Patron Interaction
• Bright backlit LCD display directs patron through transaction workflow
• Lit Press for Ticket button uses membrane contract for long life
• Accepts (optional configurations):
• Magstripe tickets, vouchers, validations via transport
• Patron ID via prox reader
• Credit cards via insertion reader
• Thermal printer provides patron receipt upon request
• ADA compliant
• 90-130VAC or 180-240VAC external power
• Maximum draw – fully configured –
90-130VAC: 8A
• Maximum draw – fully configured –
180-240VAC: 4A
• 24VDC internal circuit for low voltage components
• Segregated AC circuit for optional
UPS unit
• 58” H x 14” W x 20” D (147cm H x 36cm W x 51cm D)
• Weight – fully configured: 178lbs (81kg)
• Heavy gauge steel frame construction
• Aluminum cladding construction
• Insulated, heated and vented to maintain internal temperature and humidity ranges
• NEMA 3R cabinet