Experience pays off  
The Universal PS combines Federal  APD’s half century of application  experience with the best in design and  components to create a patron-friendly,  service-friendly payment kiosk for today’s  parking applications.  

Designed around the patron…  
Designed for high volume payment  applications, the Universal PS recognizes  either magstripe tickets or prox cards,  calculates the patron’s fee (including any  vouchers or validations), then accepts  credit card, coin or bank note payments.  Once the payment is processed, the  patron receives change in bank notes or  coins as appropriate, and can elect to  receive a receipt from the thermal  printer.  The 15” display directs the patron  throughout the transaction. A carefully  designed series of screens and  component locations allow optimal userfriendliness  for all patrons regardless of  age, native language or literacy. And the  kiosk size and layout provides  comfortable ergonomics for patrons of all  sizes, whether in a wheelchair or well  over six feet tall (1.8m).  

…and the technician  
Federal APD recognizes that one of the  fundamentals of operational success is  the routine servicing of kiosks like the  Universal PS. That’s why the internal  layout of the kiosk is designed to make  it easy to perform common tasks, from  changing paper to cleaning, typically  without a single tool. Internal lighting,  slide-out subassemblies, sight lines to  indicators, room for hands and tools…  the Universal PS was designed with  technicians in mind.  

The Bottom Line  
But even successful patron interactions  and easy maintenance can’t overcome  the cost of theft or substantial vandalism.  So the Universal PS is designed  to resist theft and vandalism to a high  degree by using heavy gauge steel  construction, a five point locking  mechanism and a reinforced LCD  display. And if the unit is damaged, in  spite of this, both cosmetic and  functional components are designed  for easy replacement without  scrapping the entire kiosk.  

Universal PS
• Configurable remotely over network  from ScanNet™  
• Configurable locally from PowerPad4  terminal  
• Configuration options:  
• Patron display messages  
• Currency handling  
• Reports  • Receipts  
• Networkable via (optional  configurations):  
• RS-485 serial loop  
• Ethernet  
• Fully functional when online or offline  
• Buffers up to 1900 credit card and  7700 cash transactions  

Patron Interaction
• 15” LCD display directs patron  through transaction workflow  
• Change Language button supports  English, Spanish, Portuguese and  French  
• Accepts (optional configurations):  
• Magstripe tickets, vouchers,  validations via transport  
• Patron ID via prox card  
• Credit cards via insertion reader  
• All coin denominations between  15mm and 32mm  
• Up to 14 bank notes denominations  
• 120mm to 165mm length, 62mm  to 82mm width  
• Stores (optional configuration):  
• Approximately 2000 small coins  (18mm), 1200 large coins (24mm)  
• Approximately 1000 bank notes  
• Recycles coin denominations used  for dispensing  
• Dispenses (optional configurations):  
• Up to 3 denominations of coins  between 17mm and 31mm  
• Approximately 1200 large coins  per denomination (24mm)  
• Up to 4 denominations of bank  notes  
• 120mm to 165mm length,  60mm to 82mm width,  0.09mm to 0.3mm thickness  
• Approximately 500 bank notes  per denomination  
• Thermal printer provides patron  receipt upon request  
• ADA compliant  Electrical  
• 90-130VAC or 180-240VAC external  power  
• Maximum draw – fully configured  – 90-130VAC: 15A  
• Maximum draw – fully configured  – 180-240VAC: 8A  
• 24VDC internal circuit for low voltage  components  
• Three (3) 90-130VAC outlets for  service (when fully configured)  
• Segregated AC circuit for optional  UPS unit  

• 66” H x 27”W x 22” D (168cm H x  69cmW x 56cm D)  
• Weight – fully configured: 540lbs  (245kg)  
• Heavy gauge steel construction  
• Powder-coated cladding  

• Heavy gauge steel construction  
• Five point locking system  
• User-configurable keys for external  lock  
• Cabinet access is monitored and  recorded  
• Additional internal locking for all cashhandling  components  
• Reinforced LCD display  ©

    Patron-friendly workflow
    High strength design
    Capable of high transaction volumes
    Service-friendly internal layout
    Proven components for reliability


    Prox reader
    Credit card insertion reader
    Bank note accepting
    Bank note dispensing, up to 4 denominations
    Coin accepting
    Coin dispensing, up to 3 denominations
    Lost Ticket function
    Change Language display function