University Parking Solutions

University Parking SolutionsToday’s universities and college campuses are much more than grounds for higher learning.  They are bustling cities in their own right.  Restaurants, retail stores and more mixed with dorms, auditoriums, libraries and arenas create tons of traffic, and require lots of parking spaces. FDC offers University Parking Solutions.
Students, teachers, visitors, employees and customers all fight for the same valuable parking spots, and may require different rates.  Let’s not forget about sporting events drawing in large crowds on certain days.
FDC has college university parking solutions for all of these scenarios.  We can tie existing Student ID debit cards with pay stations so that students have the convenience of one card to pay for books at the bookstore, parking at garage pay stations, food at the food court, etc.  We can create systems that treat professors and retail employees differently from customers and event attendees.  We can install a system that makes sense for you.

FDC’s surveillance solutions also help make your campus parking facilities safer for students and parking department managers and can help deter crime and false damage claims.

FDC College University Parking Solutions
• Student ID Card Integration
• Multi-facility management systems
• Validation flexibility
• Parking guidance
• License Plate Identification
• Surveillance monitoring and recording


We can provide Parking Solutions for any College Campus. Our focus on customer service is evident from beginning to end. We are a parking industry leader due to quality customer service and innovative Parking Solutions for on campus parking.  We promise to offer flexible, innovative and customer-focused parking solutions to our clients.

We understand that parking services at college campuses is of the utmost importance for students, hence our commitment to innovative College University Parking Solutions and products.

We also offer these services for industries such as, casinos, malls, special events, restaurants and hotels and more.  Our technicians will arrive with proper grooming and proper uniforms.