Prepay Parking
The Federal APD ValuePass System is a contemporary debit card system
that provides prepayment utilities for your parking patrons. Designed for facilities of all sizes, this prepay parking system offers your operation a new source for incremental services and profits.

As an on-line card access system, ValuePass can be used as a monthly card or as a debit card with an assigned value. This stored value can be marketed as units of time, dollar value, and/or number of uses. When used in a ValuePass exit reader, the appropriate sum is automatically deducted from the pass while the remaining value is displayed on the reader’s message screen.

Existing installations can easily upgrade to this revenue generating system with cost-effective hardware and software add-ons. System requirements include ValuePass card readers (which may be upgraded from Passport Plus® card readers) and SCANTM System software for centralized computer control.

The ValuePass System offers you a choice of reader technologies, including Dyna ReadTM, Bar Code, Magnetic Stripe, Proximity, and Wiegand.

Create Passes On-Site
Passes can be created on-site with the optional ValuePass Posting Reader. This on-line device allows authorized personnel to create new passes, add value to an existing pass, refund value from an existing pass, or display the remaining stored value of the pass.

Generate New Revenues
ValuePass offers you a value-added method to generate new revenues at your parking operation. Cashless transactions made with debit passes (such as phone cards, gas cards, etc.) enable enterprising operations to aggressively market their business and increase incremental profits.

Plastic access cards can be produced with custom designed graphics to advertise your business or service. Marketing tie-ins for special events – such as promotional packages for conventions, theaters, stadiums, and retail merchants – offer new sources of revenues.

ValuePass cards can be bundled with special courtesy packets for hospitals, hotels, and airports. Repeat customers, such as monthly card holders or controlled taxi queue lanes, will benefit from your ability to recharge the value of the pass on demand.