Not a lot has changed with telephone entry systems technology over the past couple of decades, but with FCC changes and a push by major telephone companies to move toward cheaper lines, things are about to change…they have to!

VoIP Telephone Entry Systems

LiftMaster IPAC is the first available series of VoIP Telephone Entry Systems.  Voice over Internet Protocol technology is becoming the new standard, and that is about to make things a lot easier for property managers and gated communities.  No longer will you have to program telephone entry systems in the rain, now you will be able to program telephone entry systems in comfort from any web browser with IPAC’s web based user-interface.ipac-voip-telephone-entry-system

The LiftMaster IPAC also has a 50,000 resident capacity!  You won’t be running out of system memory anytime soon with one of these.  And by utilizing a 10″ color touchscreen, you can type a name and find residents much quicker and easier than scrolling through a massive list a few entries at a time.

So let’s go over a couple of reasons why we think everyone will be upgrading to a VoIP TES in the very near future.

First of all, the phone lines themselves are upgrading.  VoIP lines cost a fraction of old copper lines and carry much more data.

No software to install.  This is web-based.  You never have to take IPAC offline.

An intuitive and convenient programming method.  It will be much easier for a property manager or maintenance personnel to program telephone entry systems.  Now you can update directories and keep the unit current from within the office, or even from home!

If an easy to use, web-based interface is something you are interested in, please visit catalog to browse our VoIP telephone entry systems.

To learn more about the IPAC VoIP TES or to look at specifications for the unit, visit our IPAC page.

FDC can program telephone entry systems for you or provide you with an IPAC consultation so that you can get your own, easy to program VoIP TES.  Call 321-254-8011.