Event Parking with Flexibility
Federal APD provides facilities that host events with a proven wireless parking and revenue control solution for efficiently managing parking events for sports stadiums, concert venues and more. Whether your facility is 100% dedicated to event parking or will use event and general parking simultaneously, Federal APD has a solution that works for you. The patented zControl software will help increase parking revenues and customer service while providing real-time control over your parking events.

Simultaneous Event and Transient parking
An industry first, our wireless solutions provide you with the flexibility to treat your event parkers separately from your transient and monthly parkers. No longer can transient parkers wait for an event to skip out on their parking fee.    No longer can event parkers arrive early to get transient rates. Closed gates mean increased revenue.

Hosted Online Reservations
ZipParkerTM, ZipPark and Federal APD’s hosted online reservation system, allows your patrons to conveniently make parking arrangements in advance of arrival, making their parking experience easy and stress free! As with purchasing concert tickets and sports tickets online, customers are willing to pay for the convenience and piece-of-mind. The price of this added-value goes right to your bottom-line.

Broadband Solutions
Federal APD offers first-class broadband solutions for your parking operations, allowing you to run additional services such as Event Parking from Federal APD. This one-company, one-team approach allows you to focus on maximizing the revenue in your operations while Federal APD takes care of the rest.

Real-Time Management
Wireless mobile computers provide real-time controls, on-demand ticket issuance and live credit card processing.

Wireless Solutions
Our wireless capability allows you to manage your information in real-time while preventing over- selling and helping to redirect traffic. While others are using cellular technology, we offer a more reliable and cost effective solution, as cellular networks often have heavy loads during events. It is also scam-proof, voiding a permit the instant it is used. With Federal APD’s Event Parking, counterfeiting is fruitless and pass-back is impossible.

Easy to Use
By taking cash payments with one click, credit cards with one swipe or permits with a single barcode scan, training your employees will take minutes instead of hours or days.

Best of Breed Equipment
Portable and lightweight? Check. Tough and durable? Check. All- weather? Check. The equipment used in all of ZipPark’s operations is the best the market has to offer because it needs to be. The events won’t stop because of weather… neither can your parking operation.

Software Technology
Federal APD’s event parking soft- ware supports major credit card processing platforms.

Flexible & Responsive
Allows operations to respond to rushes and instantly add more attendants exactly where they are needed. The system also offers the ability to price different rates at different facilities and accepts cash, credit or pre-paid permits.